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Joshua Bellman, COO & director at SFBN, who overseas all aspects of the company's operations.



Joshua Bellman is the Senior Producer & Director at SFBN working behind the scenes on a majority of our live productions - both on location and remotely. He grew up in Philadelphia attending Northeast High school where he met many of the future SFBN crew. Continuing his education he studied film and media arts at Temple University. After graduating, Joshua traveled out to California where he worked for multiple years at film production companies in and around Hollywood.


Upon returning to his home on the east coast, he and CEO Ari Bluestein, saw a need to have more coverage in the high school sports market of Philadelphia. As a co-founder of The Sports Fan Base Network, Joshua does many different tasks including directing broadcasts, engineering, camera work, commercial creation, and graphical work.


He also would like to thank everyone who supports our network and looks forward to great and innovative things in the future!

To contact Josh, email

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