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Julian Bellman, CSO, continually perpetuates SFBN forward.



Julian Bellman is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the SFBN. He truly is a man of many hats. His primary goal is to make The Sports Fan Base Network and all of their assets grow.

Julian was born in Northeast Philadelphia and moved to Bucks County around the age of 10. At the age of 13, he became a pro audio engineer and worked the board for live concerts. After graduating high school, he attended Albright College and ended up graduating with a degree in Biology. While working in the lab after college graduation, Ari and Joshua reached out to Julian for his assistance. That is how he became SFBN's ultimate 3rd wheel.


As COO, Julian is the driving force devoted to perpetuate SFBN into the future. He feels that with Ari and Josh in his corner and the fan's support (he loves and thanks you all immensely), there is nothing the SFBN cannot accomplish. He looks forward to what the future brings with open arms, a dedicated mind, and unparalleled determination.

To read some of Julian's written work, click HERE.

To contact Julian, email

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