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Malvern remains 0-7 at home after loss to Germantown Academy

It was a tale of two halves on Friday night, January 20th, as the Germanton Academy Patriots overcame a 14 point lead to defeat the Malvern Prep Friars 72-65.

Malvern looked to be in control early, starting the game with a 10-1 run. The score seemed to justify the “Run MP” shirts they sported during pregame warm ups, but it wasn’t their fast break that carried them to a double digit half time lead.

Germantown struggled offensively, missing 13 layups in the first half. Despite struggling offensively, Germantown head coach Jim Fenerty never lost faith in his team. “We just kept saying that if we get those shots in the 2nd half, we’re going to win,” he said.

In the 2nd half, Germantown came alive on both offense and defense, and caused Malvern’s fast paced offense to go cold. “We needed to pick up the D, so we did,” said Fenerty.

The Patriots were able to take advantage of offensive opportunities, as they began to chip away at the lead. The comeback was led by seniors Kyle McCloskey, with 28 points, and Evan-Eric Longino who added 20 points. “Those two guys put the team on their shoulders,” said Fenerty.

On the other side of the ball, there were bright spots offensively for Malvern as freshman guard Deuce Turner scored 29 points and gave fans a glimpse at a promising future for the Friars.

Deuce said in a post-game interview with SFBN’s own Mike Samsel and Jack Kapp, “A lot of us played on the same team together, like AAU. So we basically just stepped in and pretty much knew exactly what everybody liked.”

Germantown improves to 14-5 on the season, while Malvern falls to 6-9 and remains 0-7 at home.

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