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Welcome to the Swamp (Shipley's Swamp Night 2017)

Free food, family entertainment and a gator on the loose, that’s right! Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 was the second annual Swamp Night at The Shipley School. This young tradition brings together students and families for a night of dinner, activities, movies, and let’s not forget… athletics.

The house was packed and the energy was electrifying all night. There was so much going on, it was hard to focus; however, when the games stared, all eyes were on the court. Both JV and Varsity played against the Germantown Friends’ Tigers. Oh, let’s not forget this was also Senior night for the boys and girls.

Prior to the game, there was a ceremony thanking the senior Lady Gators for their work and dedication throughout the years. At 6:30 pm, the girls tipped off. The Gator’s came out strong. They were up 21-0 at the end of the first quarter, yet they did not take their foot of the peddle scoring 7 more to end the half up 28-0. The Germantown Friends' Tigers netted 6 points in the third quarter, with the Gators still up 33-6. The Gators held on and extended their lead for a final score of 40-26.

Following the girl’s win, the boys took the court. Before they warmed up, they honored the senior boys and one outstanding player, Sam Sessoms. They awarded him a framed basketball to signify his 1000th point scored at The Shipley School. His family joined him at center court and the crowd roared with cheer.

The Tigers and Gators played strong offense and defense all game, but the Gators put on a show for their Swamp Night. At the end of each quarter, the Gators always ended on top. And with the final buzzer, the Gators won 72-50 against the Tigers. Sessoms finished with 25 points, three assist and two rebounds.

(Photo Credit: Wave Lane)

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