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Official SFBN Kickstarter Launch!

We finally did it! Our Kickstarter is officially launched! We would like to thank everyone who has helped us on this journey and all those who support SFBN and what it stands for. This Kickstarter will help us raise funds in order to upgrade the company as a whole. We are looking to upgrade our website, equipment and staff in order to provide YOU with exceptional stories, coverage and information about the sports and schools you're interested in.

Please take a minutes to check out our Kickstarter page and watch our video. We also have a killer selection of rewards that are definitely worth the donation. So whether your a student athlete, parent of a student athlete, coach, family member, school employee, or the ultimate fan, we have something for everyone!

We cannot tell you enough how much you all mean to us. We appreciate your ongoing support and engagement! Thank you for helping The Sports Fan Base Network!

Kickstarter link: Click HERE

#Kickstarter #Donation

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