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New SFBN Show on Comcast Network to Shine Spotlight on Local High School Sports - Press Release - Ju


July 21, 2014

New SFBN Show on Comcast Network to Shine Spotlight on Local High School Sports

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia area high school athletes are about to get their much deserved time in the spotlight, thanks to a new show, “SFBN Talks High School Sports,” premiering on The Comcast Network at 6pm EST on Wednesday, August 27th. Whereas high school sports typically do not get much media attention, this development means that teens will gain exposure, a significant benefit as they pursue a future in college or professional sports.

The Sports Fan Base Network (SFBN) has come to an agreement with The Comcast Network (TCN) to produce a new high school sports talk show that will air on TCN during the 2014-­‐2015 school year starting on Wednesday August 27th. SFBN has agreed to produce 20 shows for TCN for the upcoming school year and will air approximately every other Wednesday at 6:00 PM with at least one replay appearing on either TCN or Comcast Sportsnet.

“SFBN Talks High School Sports” will discuss the top high school teams in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and South Jersey. Segments will include discussion and analysis with some of the top high school sports commentators, writers and coaches, exclusive interviews with coaches, players and administrators, and features highlighting some of the best stories in high school sports.

The host of “SFBN Talks High School Sports” will be Ari Bluestein, the CEO, Executive Producer and voice of The Sports Fan Base Network. Ari will be joined by an array of co-­‐ hosts and guests throughout the school year, including some of the top local coaches and high school sports writers.

“’SFBN Talks High School Sports’ will be a great way to expose the great high school student-­‐athletes in the Delaware Valley,” said Bluestein. “No show on television in this area will focus on high school sports at the level that this show will.”

“The past two years of web broadcasting live games on SFBN has already increased the exposure for high school sports,” Bluestein continued. “We look forward to the opportunity to promote high school sports on a level that has never been attempted before,” Bluestein continued. “High school sports need to get proper exposure. The combined efforts of SFBN’s online broadcasts and the new talk show will give Philadelphia area high school sports their proper due.”

“The Sports Fan Base Network has done an outstanding job of promoting local high school sports,” said Comcast SportsNet programming director Bob Selah. “This new talk show will bolster an already strong lineup of high school programming coming this Fall on The Comcast Network.”


The Sports Fan Base Network (SFBN) is an online sports network owned by Amusement, Recreation, Imagination, Inc., based just outside of Philadelphia. SFBN, which launched in August 2012, streams games live over the Internet at, and the live streams are archived and made available to stream on demand.


Ari Bluestein, CEO, The Sports Fan Base Network / 215.858.8374

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