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Neumann-Goretti Wins A Grueling Game Against Northeast

If someone asked what was the most grueling ground football game this season, this game would take the cake. The Neumann-Goretti Saints and the Northeast Vikings were set to kick off at 3 p.m. on September 15th. No one thought this game would be so close, but they were wrong.

The first quarter seemed to bring both teams issues. Neither team could move the ball down the field enough to secure a score. The quarter ended scoreless and with the NG Saints stopped on downs at the Northeast 6-yard line.

Come halftime, the game was still in a standstill. Both teams could not get their offense going and were forced to keep the ball grounded, and turnovers were abundant. Up to this point, the Saints had more total yards than Northeast, but not by much. NG ended the half with 50 total yards, whereas Northeast had 37.

Quarter number three was just the same as the first two. There were many turnovers and the ball was hard to move. Eventually senior running back Daniel Scott snuck through the line for a 24-yard run, which gave Northeast the touchdown and the lead for the first time in this game. The extra point was made, and for the first time, NE lead over NG 7-0 with about two minutes left in the quarter.

This moves us into the fourth quarter. The Saints were not happy being behind, so they attacked! With a little less than nine minutes in the fourth, senior running back Chris Wells knocked in a 16-yard touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion. The Saints finally took the lead, NG 8 to NE 7. Both teams continued their battle, but turnovers hurt them both. Near the end of the fourth, NE fumbled on their 8-yard line. The Vikings defense nearly forced a safety, but the refs marked the ball at the ½-yard line. In the end, the Saints came out of this grueling game victorious after they ran the clock out with the Vikings having two timeouts left to stop it.

Photo Credit: Jack Kapp

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